Professional, Free Or Self-Hosted Autoresponder – Which One is the Best For Your Business?

There are a lot of autoresponders nowadays, including free and very expensive, self-hosted and professional. However, the choice is so big that you are not sure which one is the best. So, what to do? Let’s start with free autoresponders. Free autoresponders are a bad choice for your business if you take it seriously. Why? These autoresponders often include advertisements inside your emails. Besides, your emails will be mostly delivered into spam folders, but not inbox folders. Or very often your emails will not be delivered at all. Why? Because many IP addresses of these free autoresponders are already blacklisted or blocked. These responders can also limit the number of your subscribers or/ and campaigns. Therefore evidence suggests that free autoresponders cannot be used for serious businesses in any way. The biggest concern about them is they will never look professional in the eyes of your potential customers.

Now let’s talk about self-hosted autoresponders. This email management solution is better than free autoresponding services. However, it is not ideal as well. As a rule, self-hosted autoresponders don’t include advertisements inside your emails. Good self-hosted autoresponders are much more flexible than all other responders and responding services. There are even good free self-hosted autoresponding scripts on the Internet. But, of course, you can also find expensive self-hosted autoresponders. However, you have to know how to install them in a proper way. Sometimes it is not very easy, and therefore you will have to learn a lot of things to install the scripts in a proper way. Or you will want to hire someone to install them for you.

Next, most people don’t advise to run self-hosted autoresponders on a shared hosting. Because your shared hosting account can be easily closed if a few subscribers report you as a spammer, even if you have not sent spam in reality. That’s why a better solution for your self-hosted autoresponder is your own dedicated or virtual server. Another thing you will have to deal with is a constant monitoring of your IP address. Why? Because when a few people report you as a spammer, your IP address will be blacklisted. And a blacklisted IP means you will not be able to send emails to your customers and prospects. Why? Most of your emails will be sent directly to spam folders or won’t be delivered at all. Who wants this? Who needs this? – Nobody! Therefore you will have to monitor your IP all the time. And in case of blacklisting you will have to whitelist your IP address yourself.

Now let’s talk about spamming. It is a very important aspect of your autoresponder’s deliverability. If you treat your business seriously, you are not going to spam people at all. But even if you don’t spam at all, this does not guarantee that you will not be reported as a spammer. – Absolutely not! Because some of your prospects may dislike your email or even forget that they signed up to your newsletter in the past etc. Therefore they can hit a ‘spam’ button without thinking much. In the world of Internet business spam reporting is a usual thing. That’s why you have to be ready to fight with it.

What is the conclusion here? Can you use professional high-quality self-hosted autoresponders for your business? – Yes and no. It depends on your wish. If your list is not too big (over 3000 of people), then you can use it. But do avoid using shared hosting accounts. And be ready to solve all your autoresponder problems yourself: low email deliverability, IP address blacklisting etc. Also be ready to learn all the technical stuff here, including SPF, domain keys, DNS etc. What will you have in return for a good self- hosted autoresponder? You will not have to pay your monthly fee (10-70 dollars). And you will get a very flexible autoresponder with lots of great features.

Now let’s move on to professional autoresponding services (e.g., Aweber, TrafficWave, ConstantContact etc). Are they the best solution for serious businesses? What are their pluses? The most important advantage of these services is that they whitelist their IP addresses themselves, and therefore they guarantee a high email deliverability. Namely whitelisting is the best thing you will get using these services. You won’t have to deal with blacklisting yourself. However, these services are not so flexible and rich in features as good self-hosted autoresponders are. Plus be careful: not all autoresponding services are of the highest quality. So, choose carefully.

Autoresponder Software: How To Choose An Automatic Email Responder For Your Internet Marketing?

Finding the Right Autoresponder

Finding the right autoresponder can be a time consuming task as there are many choices available in the market, each with different features and price range.

So it is important that you consider your budget and requirements when deciding on which autoresponder to buy.

The purpose of this article is to give a balanced and objective review of the issues involved in choosing an autoresponder.

Following are the most important issues to consider when choosing an autoresponder:

1. What are your needs and the features you required?

2. What are the types of autoresponders available in the market?

3. Which type of autoresponder is right for you?

4. What are the available brandnames in the market?

5. Comparison of different brandnames including features, price range and licensing restrictions.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder can be defined as a program that sends out a single automatic reply in response to an email to a specific email address.

Many of us have either received an autoresponder message or used one before. Examples are messages like: “I am on vacation” or “I received your email.”

Most web hosts offer this type of single-reply autoresponder free in the email accounts that come with their hosting package.

The problem with this type of autoresponder is that it is designed to send out only a simple one-message reply to whatever emails it receives.

This is often not enough to maintain the continued contact or to deliver the content you want to offer your visitors.

Besides, it also lacks some important features needed to do proper follow-ups.

For example, it cannot add prospects to a subscriber list and then send them a series of personalized, follow-up messages.

This brings us to another program known as a “sequential” autoresponder.

What is a Sequential Autoresponder?

A sequential autoresponder is a program that is designed to collect email addresses and then send out a series of pre-written messages via emails to the list of subscribers on a predefined intervals.

A well-known “fact” that is often quoted by internet marketers states that it takes an average of seven (7) contacts to close a sale.

A sequential autoresponder, if used correctly, can make your site “sticky” by reminding your visitors to come back for more visits.

Since most people often refer to a “sequential autoresponder” as an “autoresponder” (by omitting the term “sequential”), we shall adopt the same naming convention here. So the term “autoresponder” used hereinafter refers to a “sequential autoresponder”.

Types of Autoresponders

There are many different types of autoresponders in the market, from web-based autoresponder services to proprietary programs or scripts that run from your own web server or computer.

Since an autoresponder is likely to be a central part of your online business, it is worth your while to do some research to find the type of autoresponder that meets your major requirements. This will save your a lot of time and money in the long run.

The types of autoresponder in the market can be broadly classified into three types as follows:

1. Remotely-hosted autoresponders i.e., those hosted on and work from someone else’s website.

2. Locally-hosted autoresponders i.e., programs that work from your own web server.

3. Desktop-hosted autoresponders i.e., programs that work from your own workstation or computer.

It is important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of autoresponders before deciding on which one to choose for your online business.

Picture Framing Online: Things To Know

When you look deeper into a picture once clicked by you, you will understand that a frame alone can bring drastic changes to the otherwise simple photograph. Choose frames very selectively, as they hold the power to entirely transform an ordinary picture into something spectacular and out of the world. Picture framing online has changed the very definition of frames and photographs. Internet has made online shopping easy, simple and affordable. So, if you are looking for custom picture frames in the most competitive prices then you must scroll through the online websites filled with striking frames and related details.

Shopping is fun anytime, whatever you are looking for. Buying online photo frames has become a latest trend that youngsters like to follow in order to make their home look warm and gorgeous. Vibrant frames on walls and nooks and corners instantly lift up the moods of the people living there. So, what you have to do is look for online deals near your area and grab the most suitable offer. Though youngsters are the ones who are mostly attracted to the frames, people from all age groups can shop for frames to glam up their boring home dcor. The ones who are living away from home can get homesick and want to decorate a corner of their new house with customised photo frames, so for them here is some really great news!

Picture framing online websites are awesome to look for fabulous set of frames of all designs and shapes. In these online sites, you will find a huge collection with budget. Even you can customise a frame for yourself on for someone whom you want to gift one. With just a quick search, you will come to discover thousands and thousands online framing service providers who excels in selling a variety of stunning frames within budget range. If you want, you can also directly communicate with the reputable company’s framing designers to get customised packages.
When it comes to frames, you can choose larger ones or the smaller ones. The large frames are mostly needed for big family photographs. Suppose, the photograph that you have is above 18″ by 18″ then it is will be better to consider a larger frame. By going with a smaller frame, you will simply ruin the entire picture and thus the wall dcor. Now, when you have a smaller version of a picture then you can easily look for smaller frames that cost considerably lesser. A smaller picture doesn’t need a larger frame, so depending on the picture size, you must choose the frames.
If you are sceptical to rely on a particular custom picture frames online company then ask friends and family to recommend companies from where they have previously bought services. Or read the testimonials and review sections to get an idea of the company with which you are dealing.